Friday, March 27, 2009

Just like the skimpy underwear models in your local department store’s catalog.

I replied to a modeling job at Speedo Corporation, and sent them a few of these pictures with my résumé. I’m still waiting for their reply, but it’s been almost a full year, LOL.

Have you ever looked at the male models in the underwear section in the Macy’s flyers? They could pass for being female if you just covered their upper body, right? So why is this? Because conservatives feel a normal or large sized male would be offensive. Thanks to them, I can’t go out on a public beach in a Speedo without some nosey gawking baboon making a comment.

So I did all you nice conservatives a big favor & posted myself in the creepiest selection of underwear and Speedos you’ll probably ever see. I may be skinny, but I’m hung like a donkey (probably bigger), and 100% for real. Some of my underwear is boarding on (if not) ridiculous, so take a look and compare it with the dudes in the Macy’s Underwear catalog.